Partner Branded Support

Layer 3 Communications is authorized by key manufacturer partners to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 level support services on the partners behalf. These support services include software and hardware support, configuration and troubleshooting assistance. If Layer 3 Communications is unable to resolve a support request, we have direct access to the vendor partners Tier 3 level support for escalation. 

This support model enables customers to have a single point of contact for technical assistance while selecting from a ‘best in breed’ portfolio of vendor solutions.

Our vendor partners have stringent requirements to facilitate this partner-branded support capability. This includes technical training and certification for our network operations and engineering team, case management tools and procedures, maintaining a 24x7x365 Operations Center, and delivering specific support SLAs.

To deliver these capabilities, we employ a team of operations and systems engineers that maintain the highest levels of vendor certification. One of the unique aspects of our support model is extending our network operations team to our field systems engineering team. This ensures that the systems engineers that design and implement a customer’s solution are available to provide escalation support when required. We consider our field systems engineering team to be Tier 3 for our network operations center (Tier 1 and Tier 2). When vendor support is required, typically for hardware or software/code related issues, our operations team will ensure the right vendor personnel are available and that the problem is moving toward resolution at all times.

In addition to our talented team of engineers, Layer 3 Communications has implemented a robust case management system that is tightly integrated with our Salesforce CRM. All support requests are tracked in our case management system. Support cases can be opened via email, phone, or the web. Response times are tracked and cases are escalated to the NOC Manager and VP of Engineering if SLAs aren’t met.

Utilizing Layer 3 Communications partner-branded support service provides customers with one point of contact for multiple vendors and eliminates vendor finger-pointing.  This service is applicable for Fortinet, PaloAlto Networks, and Pulse Secure under DIR-CPO-4864.

Manufacturer Direct Support

Layer 3 Communications provides manufacturer direct support for all manufacturers listed under DIR-CPO-4864.

Manufacturer direct support provides customer access to technical support and hardware replacement based on the selected service level.  Additionally, access to manufacturer software and updates are available.

Design Services

Layer 3 Communications provides design and implementation services for all manufacturer listed under DIR-CPO-4864.  These services are typically consumed via daily rated listed on each manufacturers price list.  Services can be provided onsite and in some instances remotely.


Layer 3 Communications provides design and implementation services for all manufacturer listed under DIR-CPO-4864.  These services can be consumed as credits or for specific training tracks as applicable from each manufacturer.

Information Technology Security Services

Cyber Security Services and Consulting

Layer 3 Communications strives to provide the highest levels of expertise, leadership, and trusted advisory services to our clients in the field of cyber security. Our engineers continually train with our manufacturer partners to ensure the highest levels of expertise with their products. In addition, our managed services and consulting teams research modern attacker tools and techniques on an ongoing basis. This ensures that we are able to address the ever-evolving threat landscape effectively for our clients. Above all, our core goal is to serve as an advocate for our clients, addressing their needs in the most effective and economical manner possible.

Our services include:

Cyber Security Planning and Strategy

Layer 3 Communications’ cyber security specialists can provide expert advisory services around developing an information security program. From policy development and evaluation, to architectural consulting and hard implementation, our teams bring extensive experience to cyber security leadership teams.

Offensive Security Services

Layer 3 Communications offensive security professionals are highly skilled in the art of emulating attackers. Combined with their extensive expertise in enterprise data networks, we offer unique capabilities around vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Product Resale and Implementation

Layer 3 Communications offers security products from industry leaders such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, F5 Networks, FireEye, and Aruba Networks. We combine this with the highest levels of certification and expertise on our manufacturer partners’ products. This makes us the most capable resale partner in the field.

Managed Security Services

Layer 3 Communications offers an extensive suite of managed security services. These include device management, log analysis (SIEM) as a service, vulnerability management as a service, as well as custom developed solutions. Combined with our 24/7 Security Operations Center in Norcross, Georgia, Layer 3 Communications managed security services uniquely augment and support our clients’ cyber security teams.

Risk Assessment

The most important part of developing an effective information security program is to know the threats that are posed to your organization. Why waste good money on a security control that doesn’t defend a significant asset? Layer 3 Communications can work with your technology and business leaders to help identify your most important assets and business processes, as well as your most significant risks. We will then take those factors and produce a plan of action that addresses your needs in the most efficient and effective fashion, helping you control your risk exposure as well as your information security spending.

Policy and Procedures Review

Once you have a good grasp of your risks, you need to develop high quality policies and procedures to address them. Our team of highly trained infosec professionals has extensive experience with policy development. We can help you develop a comprehensive policy framework to give your business standards from which to operate for years to come.

Vulnerability Assessment

Once you have the business aspects of information security firmly in grasp, you should then begin addressing the technical details. Our infosec team can work with you to provide you a comprehensive snapshot of the technical vulnerabilities of your network infrastructure. Using a variety of tools, and our own extensive experience, we will generate a report detailing the vulnerabilities in your network, as well as a plan to help you remediate those problems. Servers, workstations, networking devices and wireless can all be assessed. If its plugged into your network, we’ll examine it and give you a plan to make it secure.

Penetration Testing

With both the business and technical aspects of your infosec program in place, the next step is to begin testing. Layer 3 Communications’ expert penetration testing team can effectively simulate actual attacks on your network. These attacks give you an excellent picture of how a hacker would attempt to gain access to your network, further allowing you to strengthen your security. Like our vulnerability assessments, we will provide you with detailed information of our attacks, as well as a comprehensive remediation plan.